Pennsylvania Trip 2013 – Part 1: Philly Part 1

This should be fun.

Of course, you can’t have a vacation somewhere without going there first. So to get to Philidelphia, we have to go to Atlanta. So we take a small flight to Atlanta and wait there during the layover. Got to see plenty of planes there.

IMG_7078 IMG_7083 IMG_7091 IMG_7097 IMG_7106 IMG_7130

I also found some incandescent McCain beacons there, which was a surprise. One of them was a double beacon with a burn out bulb and the other was a single beacon.

IMG_7080 IMG_7107 IMG_7147


After a long flight, I finally touched down in Philidelphia. At the airport there, I saw a Septa train.


Once I got out of the airport, I saw some older traffic lights, including a couple of Crouse-hinds Type-Rs and a Marbelite traffic light.

One of the Type-Rs:


The Marbelite:





We then got our rental car, and headed into the city. Along the Interstate, we passed by a CSX railyard where I saw some CSX engines.

IMG_7187 IMG_7188 IMG_7189

Once we got into the downtown, we went to our hotel. The intersections near the hotel had a mixture of Siemens, Mark IV, ICC, LFE, and McCains at them. Here are some photos of one of the intersections:

IMG_7203 IMG_7210 IMG_7211 IMG_7212 IMG_7213 IMG_7215

I went back to the hotel room when it started to rail and recharged my camera battery. We went out later that afternoon once the rain let off to go eat supper. I took my DXG camera because my Canon was still charging. We walked down 13th Street and I found a lot of 8 inch TCT traffic lights along it.



We walked around a little bit more before we went back to the hotel room to turn in for the night.